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Torivac, company specialized in the design and manufacturing of Toroidal Voltage Variators /Adjustable Toroidal Auto-transformers, Selfs, toroidal Potentiometers/Rheostats, Toroidal , Security Bananas, Fuse holder, Control knobs, Metal leds holders, molded coil for vibrators and Toroidal Transformers.

As designer and manufacturer of high power voltage variators, we can offer to our customers a wide range and formats variety and sizes, by adapting us to the specific dimensions required by each customer, by using new technologies 3D modeling, as well as interactive simulation in design and development.

We MANUFACTURE EQUIPMENTS made to measure for Voltage Variators and toroidal transformers & rheostats.

The rest of the product range are also manufactured in our company, taking some account the fact they are in used in our own products like Voltage Variators and Toroidal Transformers. In the same way being manufacturer of our own toroidal cores, we can adapt our manufacture to our customer’s special dimensions requirements.

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