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Torivac has introduced in the market its new voltage variators range without power limit.
Torivac nueva gama potencias

Investment and efforts used to offer to our customers high quality technological products, innovative in solution as well as the specialization of the human capital, has been and is still being one of the essential pillar to satisfy each specific customer’s requirements.

For that, high power toroidal voltage variators answer to an urgent need in the market until now dominated by column variators, offering a small magnetic dispersion and a lower harmonic level, together with the well-known cooling system composed by an aluminum heatsink flat brushes, enabled us to improve the thermoelectric behavior and to reach an approximate output of 97-98% as well to optimize our equipment’s dimensions and costs.

Torivac with more than 50 years of experience in this field, can offer to its customers a wide range of formats and sizes, adapting dimensions to the required specifications. The use of new 3D molding technologies and interactive simulation in the design and the development of our products, enable us to detect possible execution errors before the manufacturing.

Our new voltage variators range offers an external protection index from IP00 to IP65 as well as the possibility to use different protection systems against overload, over surge, short-circuit, temperature excess etc, and different measurement instruments, (voltmeter, ammeter, wattmeter, phase meter, mains analyzer, stabilization system, etc…)

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