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Torivac has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing all types of toroidal transformers.

The toroidal transformer represents, like no others, the ideal design for a transformer. In fact, Faraday designed and wound the first transformer on a toroidal core. The toroidal cores manufactured by Torivac are made of magnetic sheet metal with very low loss levels and high induction saturation, which when heat treated allow for reaching saturation values of up to 16,000 gauss. In the toroidal transformer the magnetic flow is evenly concentrated in the core and, due to the absence of intermediate metal parts, vibrations are eliminated.

Similarly, as all the wound coils are spread over the surface of the core, the noise caused by magnetostriction practically disappears, which favours the dissipation of heat. These features substantially improve the characteristics and yield of the toroidal transformers with respect to conventional ones.

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