Torivac has more than thirty years of experience in the manufacture of all kinds of toroidal transformers.

The toroidal cores manufactured by Torivac are built with grain-oriented magnetic plate, with very low losses and high saturation induction, and after being heat treated, they can reach saturation values of up to 16,000 gauss.

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Specialists in the design and manufacturing of voltage variators

More than 30 years of experience manufacturing voltage variators and all kinds of toroidal transformers.

TORIVAC voltage variators are characterized by their mechanical robustness and high resolution that allows very precise voltage adjustments and by the high quality of all the materials used in their manufacture.


Specialists in the design and manufacturing of high power voltage variators and toroidal transformers

At Torivac we offer all kinds of measurements, formats and our own brand models

From toroidal voltage variators, to toroidal adjustable autotransformers, shock coils, potentiometers, toroidal rheostats, toroidal cores, as well as safety sockets, fuse holders, control buttons, LED holders (metal supports for LEDs), encapsulated coils for vibrators and toroidal transformers.

At Torivac you will find a wide range of high-power voltage variators. A multitude of sizes and formats, as well as custom manufactured products, for which we use 3D modeling, with the advantage of being able to carry out simulations both in the design and development phases. Consult us without obligation.

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